Discovering What You Can Do, And Other Things to Do In Chiang Mai – Part5

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Exploring the Green Belt around the City Moat

If you are thinking about staying in shape us and healthy exercise for a simple walk, then you will surely want to tour and explore the wonderful ancient city moat. This is an area that was actually created to block out Burmese intruders. There are a number of flowers, trees, plants and other items you can explore in this region and it’s probably the reason many refer to this location as the Green Belt.

Wiang Kum Kam

Located on the south east edge of the famous Ping River, Wiang Kum Kam is a settlement that has been completely restored. Even before Chiang Mai was founded, this ancient city had already been established by the late King Mengrai. The location of this particular area wasn’t really considered prime because the curve in the river would allow this area to become flooded quite frequently. This is one of the reasons Mengrai’s Capitol had been relocated in 1296 to the beautiful city of Chiang Mai. You’ll find that there are roughly 30 different temple ruins that lay in the area of Wiang Kum Kam. This location also provides horse and carriage rides as well as a fully operational tourist center that is on-site.

Wat Pratat Doi Suthep Temple

In Chiang Mai, you’ll find that one of the most significant and important Buddhist temples will be the Wat Pratat Doi Suthep. If you plan to visit this area, you will definitely be encouraged to tour this fascinating hilltop monastery. This specific area was established in 1355-1385, which was during the reign of the then King Guena. There are number of Buddhist relics that are housed in the square which resides behind the pagoda houses. In addition, if you’d like one of the most fascinating views of the city, simply facing east of the Temple and you will surely get an eyeful.

Wat Umong Temple (Suan Puthatham)

For those that would like to discover meditation and Buddhism in an all-natural sylvan ambience, this can be done right outside of the city on the outskirts. This is an area that was formerly referred to as WatWelukattaram. Following a Temple design that was closely related to the Langawongse style, there were a number of different tunnels located just beneath the pagoda. This is where monks could take some time and meditate freely. Today, you’ll find exhibits of Dhamma puzzles in the hall which will coincide with everyday life in the area. This is in addition to a small catfish pond and animal sanctuary that rounds off this particular area.

Wat Ton Gwen Temple

If you’re traveling towards Hang Dong along the irrigation canal road, you’ll find this wonderful Temple. This particular Temple got its name from the word “Gwen” which is a tree that is indigenous to this specific area. If you’d like Buddhist architecture in the Lanna-style, this particular Temple will be a fine example.

A Convenient Travel Hub

If you’ve decided to fly from Bangkok to Chiang Mai, you’ll find it only takes roughly an hour or so. Moreover, in just a few more hours you’ll be able to conveniently land at six different airports in neighboring countries. For city transportation, you’ll find that there is an excellent railway station and bus service that will handle anything south to Bangkok. Travel within the city limits itself is quite convenient because many of the sites and venues are only about a 15 minute drive in either direction. If you insist, you can also rent bicycles or motorbikes at prices that are extremely affordable.

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