Discovering What You Can Do, And Other Things to Do In Chiang Mai – Part4

by admin posted July 25, 2012 category Culture, Lifestyle

Kad Mong Market – Laochow Alley – Kad Luang (Warorot Market)

Whether you’re looking for souvenirs, snacks, or household goods, everything you require can be found in Kad Luang. This particular market was established well over 100 years ago. It is considered to be the oldest market located in the city. In addition, it specializes in a number of items which includes shoes, tailor-made close, ready-to-wear items, vegetables, flowers, fruits of all kinds, cosmetics, silks, cottons, and a number of different fabrics. You’ll find that the Laochow Alley is located right next to the Warorot Market which is also packed with a number of different shops which many of the locals refer to as Chinatown. Right next to this area you’ll find the Kad Mong Market, which is a bit smaller but you’ll be able to find a number of handicrafts and textiles created and sold by the Hill Tribe.

The Cheen Hor Market – Friday Flea Market

Cheen Hor is really a market that really reflects all of the local culture located in this area. Quite frankly, this is an area that brings “Yunnan” right to northern Thailand. Many of the Tai from Burma and Yunnanese, live directly behind the Night Bazaar in this neighborhood. If you want to see the differences in the cultures in the area, this is a place that will provide you with an experience you can remember as well as a great opportunity.

North Chang Klan Road: Islamic and Christian Communities

Monfort College and Regina Coeli College reside south from this relatively small community of Catholics which revolve around the main church located at the Sacred Heart College. If you’ve ever wanted to see one of the most magnificent Catholic churches located in all of Chiang Mai, this will definitely be the perfect choice. You’ll also find that an Islamic community will also reside along the river which is the exact location where Muslims settled during the days of commerce and trade in Chiang Mai. If you’re looking for top quality Muslim restaurants and some tasty an elegant Halal foods, this will be the ideal location.

Kad Wua Kwai: The Market for Motorcycles and Cattle

The Chom Thong District harbors one of the largest flea markets found in all of Chiang Mai. This particular location is open at dawn each Saturday. If you’re looking for motorcycles, used or new bicycles, plants, clothing, local food stuffs, or any type of fresh meat products, this is another ideal location you will definitely not want to miss.

San Pa Khoi Market

San Pa Khoi Market is located near the Kawila Barracks on Charoenmuang Road, and will provide you with a huge interesting selection of tasty produce such as a stuffed crispy omelette produced Vietnamese style or an Arabica Fresh Coffee for those wanting to spike their energy level. You’ll find that there are a number of flavors you’ll be able to choose from, and the food and coffee will be best enjoyed at night.

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