Discovering What You Can Do, And Other Things to Do In Chiang Mai – Part3

by admin posted July 25, 2012 category Culture, Lifestyle

Saturday Walking Street Market / Wua Lai Walking Street Market

There is a market that is closely related to the Sunday Walking Street Market which is only open on Saturday. This particular market can be found right outside of the old city and the South Gate. You’ll find that most of the Chiang Mai silversmiths have occupied the streets for a variety of different generations. In addition, you’ll also be able to find a number of designer clothes, handicrafts, and a number of other items you’ll find appealing as well.

Nimmanhaemin Road

One of the most amazing neighborhoods found in Chiang Mai is Nimman. If you’d like to see some of the most modern apartment architecture, cool and hot night spots, boutiques, and trendy coffee shops, you’ll have fun traveling down this kilometer long road that separates Suthep and Huay Kaew, and has been thriving since the Mid 1900’s. If you like to watch people, or you don’t mind when people watch you, this is probably going to be one of the best places to visit.

Night Bazaar in Chiang Mai

The night bazaar has been one of the longest highlights of the tourist circuit in the city of Chiang Mai. However, because there are so many other offerings nowadays, the night bazaar may have lost some of its clout. Even so, if you can look beyond many of the tired vendors peddling their wares that seem to be the same over and over again, there are a number of shops that will provide you with some interesting items, as well as bars and a few fine restaurants.

The Old City – Chiang Mai

This is a location that may not be as hip or as fast as Nimman, but the old city in Chiang Mai has all of a sudden become quite a buzz. These schools and temples are still located in the same area; however, by spending a little time to venture some of the minor and major arteries found in this area, you’ll discover that there are a number of things to take advantage of such as bars, spas, small hotels, bookshops, and a number of restaurants where you’ll find excellent cuisine. And if you stay long enough, when Sunday comes around, you’ll find that Walking Street will more than likely change everything.

The Neighborhood of Nantaram

To find the charming neighborhood of Nantaram, you’ll need to stroll past the Wat Srisupan and Wat Muensarn Temples. You’ll find that this location offers lacquer-ware and handicrafts that have been manufactured with a wisdom that has been passed down for many years to father and son. If you travel to Wua Lai Road and Soi 5, this is where you’ll find this lovely area.

The Community of Wat Kate

For a visit to one of the most historic ports of trade located in Chiang Mai, you’ll want to visit the area of Wat Kate. This is a location that is well-known for the commerce that had taken place a century ago by the river. Vessels from areas of China and Bangkok would arrive at this location during the “Golden Age” of Chiang Mai. Millions of logs of Teakwood had also been very popular in this area, as Wat Kate would be the main hub for this industry. You’ll discover that many of the ware houses and buildings in the area are still preserved to this day. If you take a moment and visit the exhibits that are available at the Wat Kate Museum, you be able to easily get your bearings to this neighborhood.

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