Discovering What You Can Do, And Other Things to Do In Chiang Mai – Part2

by admin posted July 25, 2012 category Culture, Lifestyle

Sompetch Market

If you’ve ever wanted to visit a market that is at least a century old which is the primary hub for the commercial community as well as the Chinese in the city, this will be the ideal location. There is a Southern and Northern zone which divides this market with alleyways. If you venture to the South zone, this area is named Ming Muang, which features a variety of different wooden shop houses. The North zone is called the Sompetch Market. This is an area where you’ll find a number of vendors that speak the English language fluently because of the extreme rush of foreign customers.

Phra Singh Neighborhood

If you’ve already made a decision to visit the WatPhra Singh Temple and see the Buddhasihingh Image, you’ll want to make sure that you browse the neighborhood in relation to the Temple. You’ll find that there are a number of small resorts, hotels, boutiques, and local eateries you’ll be able to take advantage of as well. While at the eateries, the flaky Curry pastries will definitely be an excellent choice. You’ll find them at the Soi 5 – Arak Road, and they’ll be easy to see because this particular diner is always busy.

Wat Chedi Luang Temple – Klang Wieng – Three Kings Monument

In addition to the Buddhist temples and the historical sites found in the city, the old city or Klang Wieng, will be used primarily for a variety of different public activities. This is especially so in the large square located in the front of the Three King Monument. If you like to chill out, you’ll be able to take advantage of the small park located at the civil court. While enjoying your journey on Rajadamnoen Road, if you get hungry, you’ll be able to pick and choose among the many different international and Thai restaurants located along the way.

Chang Phuak Gate

If you’re looking for another location that is filled with temples, schools, markets, and shops, you’ll want to visit this bustling commercial area located on the north side of the moat. This area is well-known for its cultural diversity and charm. The reason is – the neighborhoods will consist of Muslim communities, Tai Yai, and Lanna.

The Backstreets of Kad Sompetch Market

If you visit the area behind the Sompetch market, you’ll find a number of different tourist oriented businesses as well as several guest houses situated in that location. Another thing you’ll find is that this location has neighborhoods that are extremely photogenic, such as century old wooden shop houses that still displayed century old architecture that has been created in the traditional Lanna style.

Sunday Walking Street Market

Eventually everyone will find a way to the Sunday Walking Street Market, but the truth of the matter is, you don’t want to miss all of the possible bargains by avoiding the large busy crowds. If you’d like to visit this area when there is less of a crowd, you should start your journey down Rajadamnoen Road at around four or five in the afternoon. The street food will still be fresh and you will run into a smaller crowd of tourists as a result.

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