Discovering What You Can Do, And Other Things to Do In Chiang Mai – Part1

by admin posted July 25, 2012 category Culture, Lifestyle

One of the most important, largest and culturally significant cities in Northern Thailand is the city of Chiangmai, also referred to as Chiang Mai, and Chang Mai.

For those wondering about some of the things to do or what can be done in the beautiful city of Chiang Mai, some of the things you might consider will be visiting the locations of Doi Suthep, the Chiang Mai Zoo, the Night Bazaar in Chiang Mai, the Kad Luang – Warorot Market, the Royal Flora, and Nimmanhaemin Road for the Sunday Walking Street Market.

Quite frankly, they’re so many different things to do within the city – a person might be confused quite easily trying to figure them all out. In fact, a friend was trying to kill a few hours trying to figure out some of the different things to do in Chiang Mai before heading out to the airport. He decided to find a coffee shop that was local and spend a few moments surfing the Internet and checking out some of all the different sites that can be found within the city. Towards the end, he never really had a chance to leave the café.

Because of this, we’ve decided to put together an all inclusive list of some of the lesser known attractions and out-of-the-way places you’ll find in this wonderful city. Our hope is that you will take some time out of your visit, and check out some of these wonderful locations if you get the chance.

Day-To-Day Life

Living the relaxed and slow lifestyle is what most people do in the city of Chiang Mai. One of the best things you can do is to talk to people that are waiting for buses, sitting near the moat, or those gathered in the marketplaces in order to learn more about everyday life. What you’ll find is that the people in this area are extremely chatty, and they will definitely be interested in learning more about you and where you come from. You’ll find it Chiang Mai is a fantastic place to meet and greet people.

Kua Thong or Warorot Museum

The old city, situated within the walls of where the moat is located, is probably the most valued place to find out about the local culture. If you’d like, you can begin your journey at the Puak Thaem neighborhood and visit the Kua Thong museum. This is where you’ll find the artisans hard at work creating Chat Thong and Kua Thong, which are the parasols used for traditional ceremonies that are the unique trademarks of Chiang Mai.

The Chiang Mai Gate Market

If you would like a bowl of excellently prepared rice flour noodles that have been fermented, herbs and spices, local fruits, and fresh vegetables, you’ll want to visit this unique market that can provide this and much more. In addition, this particular market opens extremely early and the prices are more than modest.

Mae Hia Nai Community

With a beautiful mountain backdrop that offers a stunning panorama, this small yet quaint community can offer this, as well as being located near one of the most breath taking teak forests in all of Ban Mae Hia. You’ll find that this area is extremely peaceful and will remind you of a faraway region that is extremely rustic. This will be an excellent location to visit with a bicycle or motorbike, so you can experience all of the natural beauty that encompasses the entire city.

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