Chiang Mai, Famous For Thailand Art and Handicrafts – Part2

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Thai Handcrafts and Silk in the City Of San Kamphaeng

Once you learn more about Thailand, you’ll discover that this particular country is famous for its creation of fine silk. This is in part thanks to the HM Queen Sirkit. This major influence led by example, by only wearing some of the most amazing silk clothing made in all of Thailand. In addition, this example helped to promote the local weavers in the area allowing them to sell their products more easily.

For those that have visited Chiang Mai or Chang Mai, they’ll discover that the silk in this area is simply irresistible. For those that are serious buyers of silk, or those that are interested in learning as much as they can, all you’ll need to do is head east of town towards San Kamphaeng and you’ll find a number of wholesalers, cotton, silk, wood, cane, and ceramic products.

You’ll be able to enjoy watching weavers tending their looms creating amazing silk products while haggling with wholesale buyers over prices. In addition, while all of this is happening, these individuals are purchasing contemporary and traditional designs at these locations.

If you are looking for silk, you’ll want to make sure that you find real genuine Thai silk. This is easy to determine because you can tell by looking at the two-tone sheen of each piece of fabric. This can be done by moving it in and out of the light while searching for small bumps in the fabric that are telltale signs of where the thread breaks are located.

Silk that is low quality will contain continuous threads that are on broken.

To find San Kampheang, you need only to travel past Bor Sang using Highway 1006.

Handcrafts and Furniture in Town

If you’ve been spending a lot of time at the markets shopping for those amazing souvenirs, you’ll also be happy to know that there are a number of items available for garden and home decor located just in town.

Handcrafts that are less expensive can also be found at the Sunday Walking Street Market, the Warorot market and more., you’ll also find that there are a number of top quality goods that can be found at shop locations in and around town.

If you get the chance, you’ll want to visit Huay Kaew Road and pick up some Shinawatra Silk because this area is famous for the highest quality silks available for purchase, as well as fabrics, silk boxes, and ready-made clothes. If you’re looking for another high-end location for textiles, you’ll definitely want to visit Nimmanhaemin Soi 1. This is a location where Studio Naenna gets supplied with a variety of different hand-woven items created with Ikat, Silk, and Cotton, which also uses a variety of different traditional dyes.

If you’re interested in finding this dyeing and weaving studio, you’ll find this wonderful location right at the bottom of Doisuthep which can be found on HuayKaew Road. The exact address to this location is – 138/8 Soi Changkhian, HuayKaew Rd.

Another famous location for finding art, jewelry, silversmiths, and silver bowls that have been intricately designed, will be the infamous Wualai Road. This location is full of a number of shops that can provide for all of your needs so you will definitely want to wander off of the main road if possible. You’ll also discover that Saturday’s are typically the best times to visit because of the Walking Street Market. This is where a number of artisans will produce and sell their silver wares.

Chang Moi Road is another wonderful location that has a number of small shops that sell furniture, rattan, and baskets, which is definitely a place you’ll want to check out because of all the little shops located there.
And regardless of where you are and what you do, you’ll always want to bargain.

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